Introduction to Geektastic

Dear new followers,

What does it mean to be a geek?

Ismael, Megan, and I ask ourselves that question often. When we were young, being a geek was an insult, a name we were called because we liked Science Fiction and Fantasy movies and books, and because we were somewhat awkward and lived in dream worlds. People used to make fun of us quite a bit.

But that’s the funny thing—what we were mocked for when we were young was what made us capable of achieving our dreams. You see, all three of us are writers. He writes fantasy for adults, I write fantasy for young adults, and Megan writes science fiction for young adults. We come up with imaginative book ideas because of everything that caused people to call us geeks when we were growing up.

When Ismael and I had a child of our own, we were forced to make a decision. As he grew up, we could either raise him to love the things he loves quietly and within certain parameters, or to love them wholly and completely and shout what he enjoys from the rooftops. We chose to let him go with his instincts, and in the end, we wound up, like many others, taking the word “geek” back.

Logan is seven years old now. His favorite thing is watching YouTube videos from such famous YouTubers as EvantubeHD, Stampylongnose, FGTeeV/Funnel Vision/Skylander Boy & Girl, iBallisticSquid, and Ethan Gaming TV among other fantastic programming that comes from this new age of television that we’re still just getting used to. He is a major fanboy, growing up in the footsteps of his mom and dad, his Aunt Megan, and the others in the family that claim geekiness. 

Logan has been begging me to start a YouTube channel of our very own for years, but I haven’t been sure about it. He even made a case for it, telling me all the things he would like to record videos about, and insisting his family was crazy and silly enough to make it interesting. Finally, we caved, but it’s under two conditions: 1) Logan can choose whether or not to record, always, so there is no pressure; and 2) Logan is still doing the best he can in school (aka we do not ignore studies to record videos). So, if you ever see us stop recording/posting for long periods of time, or you notice that it’s just been the adults  for awhile, you know that one of those conditions wasn’t met. And that’s okay. This is his baby, and I want him to be comfortable working at it at his leisure.

So, here we go, launching out on our newest adventure as a Geektastic family. We’ll have a blog, and images, and video, and we hope you’ll watch, read our opinions, listen to our son talk about the books, movies, television shows and games that he loves, and just generally have an amazing time here.

Thanks for reading, and welcome to our geeky world!