Review Policy/Contact Us

Are you interested in having your product reviewed on Geektastic? Have a recommendation on things we should check out? We’d love to hear from you. We’re always actively looking for Geekcentric stuff to talk about on our channel. Feel free to send us your comments, and/or a proposal at! We may not take all requests, but we will look into things we find interesting. Below is a list of things we’d love to hear about.

– Books – We’re looking at Fantasy, Science Fiction, or YA books, for the most part. Also, children’s books. Right now, we’re not looking at self-published books. That may change down the road, and we may make some exceptions on our own.The content of the book does not need to be family friendly, but our review will be.

– Games – Board Games are awesome. We love games for the Wii U, computer, iPad or Android systems. Keep in mind, Geektastic Logan is 7, so games should be for his age or older. Also, because we’re a family channel, we are not interested in anything bloody or anything with profanity/nudity. Cartoon violence is usually okay, depending on the situation.

– Toys – We’re pretty flexible here. We would love to review toys of all kinds. However, as noted earlier, Geektastic Logan is 7, so toys should probably be for around his age group or should be something that we can help him with.

– Websites – We would love to check out any cool interactive websites! Just make sure they don’t contain anything bloody or anything with profanity/nudity.

– Movies/Television – Sci-Fi? Fantasy? Cult Classic? Children’s Television? If you’ve got something you’d like us to review, let us know. We love a lot of different types of viewing experience and though the material, as with books, does not necessarily need to be family friendly, our review of it will be.

 Please reach out! We can’t wait to hear from you!